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Welcome to AMOR INDIA ...................... "Food for the body is not enough, there must be SPICE for the soul. " AMOR INDIA your kitchen chef is an emerging brand of AMOR INDIA .We are manufactures of Blended Spices from the city of Delhi which is one of the largest spice producing state in India. We specialise in blended spices with a vision of adding flavor and healthy quality spices with a feel of mothers love in your daily diet. We at AMOR INDIA love mixing spice for sensuous and subtle aromatic flavors enabling ease in cooking rich and delicious food and thereby transforming the spice to Blended Spice. Our innovative process ensures that spices retain their freshness and aroma. After ensuring cleaning and sorting of whole spices through designated process flow we offer pure fresh Blended Spices AMOR INDIA caters to cooking needs of every household and is constantly developing fresh unique and customised blends suited to the various tastes and preferences.

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