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MIG-136, Naini, Prayagraj,U.P. 211008 Daily needs facilitiy store, Educational Consultant, online services and Tifin Services

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Dear Friend, We working from last few years in Service Market. We started our business on date 04/12/2012 in this market has huge knowledge about the market and engaged in different sectors as @ Financial Services @ RO Water Purification @ Education Services @ Real Estate Agent @ Carrier Consultancy @ Garments & Fashion @ Missilenious Services In REFERENCE DETAILS @ In FINANCIAL SERVICES we are associated with BAJAJ CAPITAL we doing our business in # Life Insurance # Health Insurance # Mutual Funds Mostly companies are from we provide services are ICICI, TATA, Reliance, HDFC, Cigna - TTK, Star Health , Birla ect. We offer best compared plans in the insurance market to our customers. @ in RO Water Purification we install new RO system for residential or commercial purpose both. We provide AMC, Services, sale and purchase of instruments or its part. We have various types of products in Normal RO, Alkaline system with free installation and services for a period. Warranty and guarantee as per company conditions and rules. @ in EDUCATION SERVICES we provide educational guidance, consultancy about the Board Courses, Comparative Examination & Professional Courses. We provide Home Tution, Class Room Education and Online Course & Certification. We have experienced team of Teachers and Subject Expert. We provide services for # Board Examination # Comparative Examination # Professional Examination # Special Subjects # Science, Commerce & Arts @ in REAL ESTATE we are commission agent provide services for Property on Rent, Sale and Purchase of Property. Both Residential property or Commercial property . @ in CARRIER CONSULTANCY we provide carrier guidance according to the Education, Experience and Expertise. Basically it is job portal where we provide consultancy about the different jobs and location. We have several regular job openings for different positions upto management level. @ in GARMENTS & FASHION Section we have huge collection of Ladies, Gents, Teens Garments and Kids Collection. We have all old and new fashion for different occasion, matching collection, watches, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, inners, night wear, home furnishings ect. We have direct from manufacturers to directly supply to customers so that the cost of products cheaper than open market. @ in MISSILENIOUS SERVICES we involve in market on basis of " we on calls " We provide services for # Foods & Catering Services # Tifin on Your Table # AMC For Electric & Electronic devices # ect.......more.......... --------------------------------------------------------- Step to follow :- 👉 List the prospect , 👉 Filter the list for proposed products , 👉 Call for discussion, 👉 Get an Appointment or Brief the product, 👉 discuss on over , 👉 Close and collect the information, 👉 Fill the proposed application format, 👉 Collect the documents, 👉 Attach for & Varified, 👉 Login in the particular company, 👉 Check out the payment, 👉 Thanks & welcome , 👉 Take reference for next .🙏🙏🙏 ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Product we have :- ------------------------------- 👉 Life Insurance, 👉 Health Insurance, 👉 Motor/ General Insurance, 👉 Mutual Funds, 👉 RO Water Purification AMC-Repair & Services, 👉 AC - Sale, AMC, Services and repairs, 👉 Educational Services, 👉 Home Tution, 👉 Career Consultancy, 👉 Tifin Services, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mostly companies for we work :- 👉 ICICI-Prudential - Life Insurance 👉 TATA -AIA -Life Insurance 👉 CIGNA-TTK - Health Insurance 👉 Star Health - Health Insurance 👉 IDBI - Mutual Funds 👉 XXXXX COMPANY MOTOR Insurance 👉 Other Services Provided by Kanvos it self. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ VISION without MISSION is Daydream, and MISSION without VISION is a Nightmare, so The best way to PREDICT Future is to Create it, when a COLLECTION of Brilliant Minds, Hearts and Talents come Together Expect M masterpiece. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ We The Family , as Marketing Company have more than 8 year experience in service market. We are National Co ordinator / Marketer of different parent companies / institutions. We have wide range of Products to promote. We star our Business in 2012 with BAJAJ CAPITAL for Financial Market. Now we working in different field , specially in EDUCATION, RO Water solutions, & Home Appliances, along with LIFE / HEALTH Insurance.we are associated with (01) Himalayan Group of Education Pvt.Ltd. (02) Entritt Start Scrutinize Pvt. Ltd. (03) Elpron Water and Home Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (04) Bajaj Capital Ltd. (Associate Network) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ We helps you in different ways :- (01) if you think about FINANCIAL SECURITY in referance to Medical Security OR Dream Plan Security, we have best Advice. We have BEST & Comperative LIFE / HEALTH / Mutual Funds Plans (02) if you think about EDUCATION of any your family member or any known via. Distance Learning Programme. We have best OPPERTUNITY to complete the Education, upgrade RESUME or take Promotion and Increment. (03) if you think about SERVICE of your RO Water Purifire or any of HOME APPLIANCES we are the RIGHT Place (04) if you think about VEHICLE SECURITY through theft or other mode we can provide you BEST Solution. We have expertise solution of any of your PROBLEM. Our SUPPORT Team provides you BEST Solution on Comperative Price. If you need BEST SERVICE please Arrange a Meeting with Our Support Team and Feel the Differance. Thanks. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ GROUP OF EDUCATION we are in the market from 2012, working in different product for human needs. In EDUCATION we work for :- (01). HOME TUTIONS -. For all subjects class 1st to. Graduation. Post-graduation. Professional and technical courses etc. (02) PLAY SCHOOL & DAY CARE - we have chain of play school and day care center in different part in india as an associate partnership or sponcership. We run also training school for job seekers. (03) EDUCATION for all - we provide all courses through Distance Learning Programe, 10th, 12th from OPEN SCHOOL, graduation, post-graduation, professional and technical courses upto Ph.D. (04) CRASH COURSE for all competitive examination , one day, banking, po, ssc, civil examination, subjective exam, medical/ engineering entrance exam. We are associated with NIOS/JSOS/RIOS/ITI, and 16 different UNIVERSITIES. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Our presence in delhi/ncr, up, bihar, jharkhand, maharastra, odisha, now mp and chhattisgarh @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Kanvos Business Group: ROLE & RESPONSIBILITY OF EMPLOYEE :- (01). He/she must deciplined and respectful manner, specially when conversation with females. (02) . Understand all the limitations and parameters of the company. (03). Dedicated towords the growth of him/herself , company, company's task , target and other things also. (04). responcible in case of any mis leading or mis presentation by him/her. (05). your appointment is on the basis of mutual understanding, we appoint you on probation period for 0+3 month,in it you prove him/herself. (06). In probation it is compulsory to meet minimum Cretreia of recruitment and business should be complete 100% of goal sheet. (07). Your goal sheet will be 10 times of your monthly salary as well as Quaterly or yearly. (08). For confirmation is necessary to complete 100% of monthly target. (09). On the monthly basis it is necessary to complete at least 50% of monthly goal sheet for monthly salary justification. It is mandatory task from the date of joining, otherwise company can cut/ hold the salary till the task complete. (10). In case target is less than the justification, the company will provide you standard incentive of the business done by you in particular period. (11). The calculation of business will total deposite after deduction of govt taxes. (12). After completing the probation you will receive the confirmation letter. (13). Company has right to dismiss the job if found any unethical activity other than company policy. (14). If you achive over and above the task the company will liable to pay bonus, promotion and other benifits as per the company rules. (15). After confirmation you will receive all other benefits of company like Insuranace, pf, pention , fund etc. (16). Herichy in our company will be:- CRE- ACRO- CRO- ABDM- BDM- AAM- AM- ARM- RM- SH @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ How I will work???? ---------------------------------- You work as employee or associated partner of the company. - start to introduce your salf as company presentative - promote products of the company to sell. - create a what's app group to present the product. - call to the prospect clients and describe the the product. - connect to your supervisor to promote and describe. - achieve target by sell the product. - transfer the clients / order to the company to supply or service. - demand /ask for the reference to the satisfied clients. End.... Thanks & Regards C/O Neelam Mom's Facility Store

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